Three records released: ``Raimundos" (1994), ``Lavo Tá Novo" (1995), ``Cesta Básica" (1996), around a million copies sold in Brazil, over 80 concerts last year.... What's the secret of a band that has a CV like this after just 4 years? Answer: talent.

We're talking about RAIMUNDOS, the quartet formed by Rodolfo (vocals), Dogao (guitar), Canisso (bass) and Fred (drums) in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, in the early 1990s. RAIMUNDOS is currently one of the most original bands on the Brazilian scene. Their peculiar fusion of rock, hardcore and punk with popular music (bajao and forró) shows as much. ``Lapadas Do Povo" confirms that the band's only commitment is to their own music. RAIMUNDOS don't need to follow any style. They create style: forrocore.

Is this an exaggeration? Their new album shows that it isn't. Throughout its 14 tracks, ``Lapadas Do Povo" consolidates the band's style. If you want to know what ``Lapada" means, play the first song, turn up the volume full-blast and enlarge your vocabulary; you're going to get a `slap" that will knock you over the first time you listen to it; tracks that are fast, short and intense.

Once again, production is by Englishman, Mark Dearnley (AC/DC, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath, etc.). Dearnley split the recording sessions between the Sound Castle and Sound City studios in Los Angeles. Mark has the gift and magic of being able to get God and the Devil out of the same amplifier. There's no doubt that the end result is superb.

RAIMUNDOS has won a whole host of awards in Brazil: best band, best record of the year, best song, best video and best show, and they were also the only Brazilian group to participate in the Monsters of Rock festival in Brazil. They have appeared on stage with greats like Iron Maiden, Biohazard, Skid Row, Motorhead, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Suicidal Tendencies, Ramones, Titas, Sepultura and Kiss.